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Acceptable Use Policy Signoff

You are viewing this site because your computer or networked device is connecting to the Rowan Network for the first time this semester, or because you have been disconnected for more than two weeks and your registration has expired.

You MUST complete this registration process before you can access the Rowan Network or the Internet.

Network Devices: The only devices allowed to be connected are network hubs supplied by or authorized by Network and Systems Services. Under no circumstances are the following devices permitted on the campus network:

  • Wireless access points, routers or bridges
  • Wireless or wired network printers
  • Home network routers
  • Any other devices causing interference with the wired or wireless networks

Network and System Services reserves the right to restrict or otherwise disable unauthorized devices without notice.

Firewalls: You may need to temporarily disable your firewall before beginning this process.

By clicking below you agree to abide by all University policies pertaining to the use of the Rowan Network.

Click HERE to view the Acceptable Use Policy in its entirety.

If you have any questions, please contact the Support Desk at x4400 or (856) 256-4400